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St Joseph's Primary School, Killough, Co.Down

Accelerated Reader Home Access

19th Mar 2020

*** Accelerated Reader Home Access ***

Accelerated Reader is a hugely popular and beneficial aspect of our daily life in St Joseph’s. We would like to see this continue at home. Children (P4 to P7) can access the quiz portal by following these steps:

1. Go to Make sure to save this address as a favourite on your browser for continued ease of access.

2. Click on the ‘I am a Student’ option.

3. This will bring the child to a Username/Password screen. Each child’s username is the first letter of their first name followed by the first four letters of their surname. For e.g. John Smith - his username would be ‘jsmit.’ Anna Brown - her username would be ‘abrow.’
All passwords are ‘abc.’

4. When logged in children then click the ‘Accelerated Reader’ box. From here on in they will all be very competent with the features of the programme.

Mr Fitzsimons will set everyone new targets on Monday. Therefore we would ask that all children do the STAR Reading Test before Monday so that the new targets reflect our children’s current reading ability. The test is accessible when the child logs into their Accelerated Reader portal.

Thank you.